Running up the score?


It never dawned on me while watching the game Saturday night that Miami
coaches, players or fans would object to Florida kicking a late field
goal. Maybe it’s all those years covering Steve Spurrier.

don’t feel like I have to defend Urban Meyer as he is being attacked by
not only Hurricane fans but some talk radio dopes who were probably
angry because they bet their beer money on the ‘Canes and the points.
But I will anyway.

If Florida had thrown the ball into
the end zone on fourth down, OK, you have an argument. But to send out
a field goal kicker who needs the work? It’s ludicrous to complain
about that.

It goes back to the same thing ” the game is
60 minutes long. You keep playing. Was Meyer supposed to take a knee?
Hey, Jonathan Phillips, I know you haven’t tried a field goal this year
but the coaches got together and decided it would be better to try your
first one on the road.

Just dummy.

also remember this is a BCS world we live in and 26-3 is better than
23-3. We all know the game is closer but in November the voters around
the country won’t.

Look, if Miami fans want to complain
about anything, why not complain about the idiot fans who threw stuff
on the field after Carl Moore’s catch was given to the Gators.