Love to hate them, baby


My buddy Mark Schlabach wrote on this week about the teams college football fans love to hate. He ranked his top 10 and had Ohio State at the top (Florida was fifth). Here’s the link:

Schlabach: Top targets of fans’ ire

I started thinking about how the rankings would be different if he looked at them solely from a Gator perspective. Here is what I believe would be a Florida fan’s top 10:

1. Georgia. The hate has always been there but was intensified by what happened last year. In fact, it has eclipsed the years immediately following Lindsay Scott.

2. Florida State.
It’s difficult to despise a team you have beaten four straight times but old habits die hard.

3. Tennessee. And the feeling is mutual.

4. Miami.
Although the UF fans in South Florida might put the ‘Canes at the top.

5. Alabama. Some of it is envy because of the Tide’s dominance under Bear Bryant. Some of it is Nick Saban. A lot of it is the Tide fans.

6. Notre Dame. Just on general principle.

7. Auburn. Two straight losses added to 1993 and ’94 added to the heartbreakers of the 1980s add up fast.

8. LSU. Tiger fans left obscene messages on Tim Tebow’s cell phone last year. Enough said.

9. Ohio State. Just because their fans were so obnoxious before the two national championship losses to Florida.

10. Michigan. The last loss still stings.

But I’m curious to hear how you would rank them.