NCAA stories sound familiar


The deja vu continues.

I was watching some of the sports talk shows Tuesday and the talking heads were dissecting the national title game and someone pointed out that Kansas was a team that had no stars but instead played like a team. The Jayhawks were the only team in the Final Four not to have an All-American.

Gee, sounds familiar. Maybe this team concept thing is catching on.

And I do give credit to a number of announcers who said that it would be a wide open Final Four because the Florida team of the last two seasons was not there and that none of those teams could handle Florida. Agreed.

So what we get at the end is a coach who has stepped forward into the elite in Bill Self but who has had to deal with whispers that he might be leaving for another school and the rumors are still dogging him today. When it’s all over, Self is expected to be making $3.5 million somewhere. I’ve heard that story before.

Is it me or are we just recycling the same stories over and over?