First visit to The Garden


NEW YORK ” During my many travels, one of the few places that I had never been was Madison Square garden. Until of course, Tuesday.

It’s a very impressive arena, albeit worn down. It’s funny that as soon as I walked into the place a giant poster of David Lee was staring down on me. And when I walked out to the court for the first time, there was the former Gator on the big screen doing a public service announcement.

Lee is one of the few good things going for the Knicks and is probably the most popular player on this team. Good for him.

Jai Lucas was right about the setting. Not that I doubted him. The court is brightly lit and
the stands are in the dark. It’s kind of surreal and you can’t help but think of all the great players who have stepped on the court and the great performers who have played here.

Unfortunately, when I think MSG I think about Willis Reed’s famous game when the Knicks beat my Lakers (they were my Lakers until they traded Shaq).

At any rate, being in New York City again is a little overwhelming. It’s not as crowded as it was on the Heisman weekend because that was near Christmas, but that means there are about a hundred people for every six feet.

I did have a brush with greatness ” Jane Fonda was a few rows ahead of me on my flight. And I received some great news this morning when my bag finally arrived to my tiny hotel room. I’m being sarcastic, of course.