Groundhog program


Covering Florida athletics is starting to feel like the Twilight Zone. Actually, it has felt that way for some time now.

I keep waiting to hear the music and see Jeremy Foley standing in my doorway saying, “Submitted for your approval, a man caught in a never-ending trip, packing and unpacking but never staying long. What he’s about to find out is that he can’t escape … The Twilight Zone.”

This is what I’m talking about:

Florida plays in the 2006 national title game in Indianapolis, which just happens to be where the Gators played for it all the first time in 2000.

Florida football beats Arkansas in the SEC title game in Atlanta in 2006, then faces Ohio State for the national championship. UF basketball then beats Arkansas for the SEC Tournament Championship in Atlanta and faces Ohio State for the national championship … in Atlanta.

And now the latest ” Florida is in the NIT Final Four in New York, the same place where Tim Tebow had a glorious night in December when he won the Heisman Trophy. On the same night that the Gators face UMass, Tebow will be in New York as a finalist for the Sullivan Award. The Gators will be playing in Madison Square Garden, where the two-year run really began in 2005 in the preseason NIT.

And, of course, if Florida reaches Thursday’s final, the Gators could face Ohio State for the NIT Championship Game.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re not covering the same story over and over again.