Weather gives dome a scare


It was both surreal and scary. So many things flashed through my mind during what seemed like a 10-minute rumbling (it was probably more like 30 seconds).

When the sound first began, I wondered what the heck it was. It sounded like a giant helicopter was getting ready to land on the roof of the Georgia Dome. I figured it must be an airplane flying low. I mean, what could it be?

Then, it wouldn’t stop. And it got louder and louder. And I was this close to going under the desk at press row because I knew it was either a tornado or, well, I don’t know what else.

On the court, play had stopped because of a foul. But the players were looking at the roof as well. Then, they scattered.

The fans by then were all standing and looking toward the northeast corner of the arena. The beams were swaying and the giant Jumbotron hanging at that end of the court began to look like it might come down.

The really surreal part was that small pieces of insulation began to float down from the top, like snowflakes. Then, a washer landed a few feet away. When it was finally over, it was definitely a feeling of disbelief.

It looked like the bizarre night would be a long one because who knew when Kentucky and Georgia would finally tip off? Even during overtime, you could hear thunder crackling overhead. Finally, at 11:24 p.m., the final game of the day was postponed.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, Friday happened.