Bedford happy to land at UF


We met with the three new football coaches at UF on Thursday and you could see why Urban Meyer was impressed with all of them. They have dynamic personalities and seem likable. Dan McCarney can be heard all over the room and even in some rooms he’s not in.

But you have to think nobody is happier to be here than Vance Bedford.

He coached at Michigan last year and had to wonder where he was going to land after Lloyd Carr retired.

“It’s a difficult situation,” he said. “Anybody who tells you it isn’t is lying. You have to make new friends, find a new place to live. You think it will work out and you’ll land someplace but as you get older there are more people wondering if you can still do it. ‘He’s overqualified.’ Stuff like that.

“But I called my wife today and told her people think it’s cold down here and it’s in the 40’s. She can’t wait to get here.”

It is interesting that Bedford will take over the cornerbacks who were torched by Michigan in the Capital One Bowl.

“Hey, our receivers weren’t half bad,” he said. “They ran by a lot of people. Just watching the (tape) cut-ups, these guys made some plays. They got more confident as the season went along. But it goes back to the same thing ” gimme some pass rush. Everyone wants to give too much credit to the secondary when they get beat but we’re all in this together.”