A Capital location


This is why so many bowl games are played in Florida.

Today it is 84 degrees. The pool at our hotel is mobbed with kids floating on innertubes (which cost $5 per) and the teenagers are getting tans.

As long as you don’t leave the hotel, this is a beautiful place.

But for those fans who are planning to make the trip to Orlando for the game, know that a cold front is expected to move in sometime Tuesday.

The temperature will drop and there could be rain. So bring the appropriate outer wear. Just make sure it’s orange. Florida wants its fans to wear orange to counter the Michigan blue.

One problem ” I bought my 6-year-old a blue No. 15 jersey for Christmas. It cost $30. She will be wearing it to the game whether she wants to or not.

That’s it for today. Because the cold front is still a ways off, I’ve got my shorts and flip flops on as I head for the pool and what is the best lazy river I’ve seen.