What might have been


Your mind sometimes wanders at a bowl game site because there is a lot of dead time.

Interviews are limited and you can only spend so much time working.

So my mind wandered to the other side today ” the what if? place that I visit too regularly.

So what if?

What if Urban Meyer had listened to Notre Dame’s pitch and decided that was the right place for him? What if he had turned down Jeremy Foley’s offer to become the head coach?

Where would the Gator Nation be now?

The second choice on Foley’s list was Bobby Petrino. What if he had taken the job?

What kind of mess would Florida be in right now?

Petrino has happy feet when it comes to jobs. He might have come to Florida for three years, then bolted for the NFL. It would likely have turned into a giant mess. Foley would be looking for a new coach.

Instead, UF has not only enjoyed success but amazing stability. Meyer is happy, the Gator Nation is thrilled and Notre Dame has become the mess.

You never know when you play this game, but I’m betting the Irish would be bowling this year instead of stinking if Meyer had gone to South Bend.

I guess the point of this is that Gator fans who consider it a birthright to be showered in success need to appreciate what is going on with the football program right now. Meyer has won 31 games in three years and a national championship. Even this season, which some would consider a letdown after the national championship, included blowout wins over two rivals and a Heisman Trophy winner.

Just wandering.