Ugly first half at SEC title game


It’s halftime at the SEC Championship Game and Colt David has just missed a 30-yard field goal that would have given LSU a 7-6 lead.

I hope the second half is better. This has been pretty ugly so far.

(By the way, Gator fans, just to let you know ” Tennessee now does a chant you may be familiar with. “It’s great … to be … a Tennessee Vol.” Just thought I’d let you know.)

I’m not sure LSU can win this game with Ryan Perilloux at quarterback. He has had guys open all night but waits too long to release the ball. He’s shaky at best and you have to wonder about a guy who celebrates a crushing block on a play where his team loses 14 yards.

But LSU is playing great defense. After Tennessee’s first drive, the Vols have managed just 36 yards of offense. Erik Ainge should have been picked off at least twice, including on his touchdown pass to Chris Brown.