I love this game


ATLANTA ” Was it always this loud in here?

The SEC Championship Game is one of my favorite events to cover for a lot of reasons (Christmas parade Saturday morning, the Georgia Dome, the Marriott Marquis) and one of those reasons is the passion that the game brings.

SEC fans love their SEC football. On the way to the game I spotted six different schools represented with T-shirts or hat. Six different schools that were not involved in the game. (For the record, Florida, Kentucky, Auburn, Alabama, Vanderbilt and Georgia).

Once inside, it has become clear that Tennessee wins the war in the stands. It has to be at least two-to-one UT fans vs. LSU fans. And every seat is full.

By contrast, my brother called me from the ACC title game in Jacksonville. He said he had to eat four suite tickets because he couldn’t give them away.

Sometimes, expansion isn’t a good thing.