Spurrier to coach at LSU?


ATLANTA ” I am in a familiar place surrounded by a lot of people I don’t know.

The Marriott Marquis is crawling with LSU fans and it certainly brings back a lot of memories. We were here three times in the last year for the SEC Championship Game, the SEC basketball tournament and the NCAA Final Four.

Florida went 6-0 in Atlanta during that stretch, but this is not a weekend for the Gators.
It is a weekend for speculation.

LSU fans I have talked to here say they are 100 percent behind Les Miles … but if he leaves for Michigan it’s not going to bother them.

That’s because they are convinced the next coach in Baton Rouge will be Steve Spurrier.

I talked to Spurrier on Thursday night and he said he’s committed to South Carolina and is out recruiting his tail off (which is why he was in Durham this week).

But I do get a lot of questions about Spurrier and LSU.

Here’s the deal ” Spurrier wants to coach at a place where they have never won anything. But he has been frustrated at South Carolina with the administration and the losing.

My gut is that if LSU comes after him with a $4 million a year offer, he has to listen but won’t take the job. But I’m the same guy who thought he would never coach against Florida.