UF to Capital One Bowl?


There is little doubt Florida will be playing in the Capital One Bowl on Jan. 1 once the bids are announced Sunday night.

But there is some.

Because if there was no chance that Florida could end up in a BCS bowl game, the BCS would release the Gators the way Wisconsin was released both by the BCS and the Cap One.

Here’s what could happen: LSU wins the SEC Championship Game and jumps Georgia into fourth place in the BCS rankings. To be honest, if LSU wins it should be ranked ahead of Georgia. The Tigers will be conference champs with two triple-overtime losses and will have beaten the team that hammered the Bulldogs.

I think enough voters will take a second look at their votes with so much at stake.

The BCS is not required to take Georgia if it is not in the top four. Let’s say USC and Oklahoma both lose. If Boston College beats Virginia Tech, the Orange Bowl is looking at ticket issues. And there is Florida at No. 8, maybe even as high as seven in the BCS.

I’m just saying.

If it wasn’t a possibility, the Capital One would have made its announcement.

Florida-Illinois is the bowl game the Capital One wants, but Illinois could end up in a BCS game and then we have Florida-Michigan.

Stay tuned.