SEC Insider: Who is going bowling?


It’s a sign of the crazy college football season that we are 11 weeks into the season and nobody in the SEC has any idea where it will be bowling.

In the case of several teams, if they will be bowling.

There are so many scenarios for what could happen it can give you a headache trying to figure them all out. I saw one projection that had Alabama matched up with Florida State, which seems preposterous because they played an unremarkable game already this season.

The domino effect is controlled by LSU. If the Tigers win out and take the conference title, they are playing for the national title. That also could mean a BCS berth for Georgia, but only if the Bulldogs don’t make it to Atlanta.

Yeah, I know, crazy.

And Florida is not out of the picture when it comes to a BCS bowl game. Let’s say LSU beats Tennessee in the SEC title game. Let’s say Florida wins its last two games.

The Orange Bowl would be thrilled to get Florida, even with three losses, and probable Heisman Trophy finalist Tim Tebow. It would be a big money-maker for the bowl.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt still needs a win to become bowl eligible which would give the league 11 bowl eligible teams. If that happens, the SEC really needs two teams in BCS games. That would mean nine teams are assured of bowl games. Who is out?

If South Carolina loses to Clemson, don’t expect an invitation for the Gamecocks. The way those fans bailed on their team Saturday night, it’s hard to see them traveling after five straight losses.

The best hope for the league is that the Fort Worth Bowl has an opening and two teams are in BCS games. Then, 10 SEC teams would be in bowls. Mississippi State really needs another win to make sure it gets in.

Crazy? It’s the only way it could possibly be.