Heisman ballot update


This is the Heisman Trophy race where you are only as good as your last game. That makes Matt Ryan of Boston College on the outside looking in.

That includes on my mock ballot which used to be in my head before we started blogging. It wasn’t that he looked awful against FSU. It’s that he looked awful in the last two games against good defenses with the exception of one two-minute stretch.

Ryan can take solace in the fact that Darren McFadden wasn’t in my top five and is now on the ballot after running for 321 yards last week against South Carolina.

So it looks like this right now and, as always, it is subject to change right up until I have to vote (I, as an old schooler, prefer to actually fill out the ballot with a pen rather than do it electronically).

1. Dennis Dixon, Oregon
2. Tim Tebow, Florida
3. Darren McFadden, Arkansas

I have been asked twice this week about the potential candidacy of Percy Harvin. He is fifth in the league in all-purpose yards and may be the best player on Florida’s team. But there simply isn’t enough momentum. Remember, we’re talking about some voters who don’t cover college football and in some cases only see the highlights.

If Dixon wins, this should be a lesson to college athletic departments. Six years ago, the Ducks plastered a poster of Joey Harrington at Times Square. He finished fourth.

If a player is deserving, we’ll find him. We don’t need him shoved down our throats.