Month to remember


Tell me if you’ve heard this before.

A team from the SEC loses a heartbreaker in the seventh game of the season and its hopes are dashed for a national championship. But the right mixture of things happen and when the SEC team wins in the conference title game it ends up going to the national championship against Ohio State.

There, the SEC team’s athleticism and speed are too much for the plodding Buckeyes.

We may be looking at Deja orange and blue.

Because LSU sure looks like the new Florida.

Like the 2006 Gators, the Tigers lost in week seven on the road. Like those Gators, they never seem to make anything easy. But with only Ole Miss and Arkansas remaining in their conference schedule (and Louisiana Tech), LSU seems destined for Atlanta after the come-from-behind win over Alabama.

I know there is a lot of football to be played and Arkansas suddenly is breathing again, but I believe the Tigers’ fate will depend on which SEC East team they face in the Georgia Dome.

If it’s Tennessee, hello BCS title game.

If it’s Georgia, I’d like LSU but it would be interesting.

If it’s Florida, well, I just know that the Tiger fans I talked to after the game in Baton Rouge want no more of Tim Tebow.

We’ll see how it plays out but there is certainly a good chance the SEC will have a representative in college football’s biggest game for the second straight year. And there is a chance that the SEC will have a pair of players in New York as Heisman finalists.

Tim Tebow and Darren McFadden could both be invited. McFadden had his Heisman Trophy moment with an SEC record 323 yards rushing against South Carolina. Tebow was responsible for five touchdowns. McFadden has the advantage of being the runner-up last year and with the vapid Heisman electorate things like that matter.

So it’s shaping up to be a November to remember.