Heisman Trophy ballot


Back in September, when the Tim Tebow for He15man mania started gaining steam, I pointed out that voters shouldn’t seriously start mentally formulating their ballots before Nov. 1. It is down the stretch where performance matters the most and if you are mentally penciling in your ballot on Sept. 30, well, that’s just dummy.

But it’s November now and the ballots should arrive in the mail soon. So here is how mine would look if I had to fill it out today.

1. Dennis Dixon, quarterback, Oregon: You probably haven’t see a lot of Dixon, but he is the West Coast version of Tim Tebow and his team has only one very close loss. The Ducks could end up playing for the national title and Dixon has almost 1,900 passing yards and almost 500 rushing yards. Plus, he has overcome the adversity of playing in those awful uniforms.

2. Tim Tebow, quarterback, Florida: There has been no more dynamic player in college football this year. Tebow will go over the 2,000-yard passing mark and the 600-yard rushing mark Saturday, but the best stat for his candidacy is that he has been responsible for 30 touchdowns.

3. Matt Ryan, quarterback, Boston College: Ryan’s performance against Virginia Tech last week knocked him down on my list despite the miracle finish. I will be watching him closely against FSU on Saturday night.