Inside the SEC: Wild weekend


Just when you thought the SEC couldn’t get any crazier, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Oct. 27.

On Saturday, a Georgia team that was smashed by Tennessee beat a Florida team that hammered Tennessee. Don’t throw comparative scores around because they make no sense.

And two weeks after beating LSU and a week after a thriller against Florida, Kentucky loses to Mississippi State. A week ago, I was ready to put Andre’ Woodson on my Heisman ballot. Then he goes and throws three picks.

“Obviously, when a game goes that poorly, you have to look at me first,” Rich Brooks said. “I obviously did not get the message to my team about how difficult this game would be.”

So weird. Brooks was a genius two weeks ago and now he’s back to being a dummy. Phillip Fulmer was on the hot seat and now is back off because a South Carolina defender over-ran a fumble. I heard Auburn quarterback Brandon Cox on a national radio show talking about how the Tigers had their offense back on track after they scored 17 points on the league’s worst defense in Ole Miss.

My advice for those of you who like SEC football is to sit back and enjoy the rest of it. There’s no telling what might happen.

Watch Troy beat Georgia. Watch LSU fans root for Nick Saban Saturday. OK, maybe not.

Of course, who would have thought that Florida-Vanderbilt would be the Bowl Eligible Bowl?