Inside the SEC: Deep thoughts


Another ho-hum Saturday in the SEC.


What a
great Saturday to have the day off and lounge around with the family
watching amazing games. It sets up a gigantic weekend in the conference.

10 things I think I thought deep into the night:

LSU’s lack of a passing game finally caught up with the Tigers in
Lexington. Four straight runs in triple overtime with the game on the
line? LSU did run for 261 yards, but only had 142 throwing against a
mediocre secondary. Plus, 12 penalties hurt LSU.

2. Kentucky
receiver Steven Johnson hasn’t cracked the top 10 in the conference in
receptions yet with 27, but he might make my All-SEC team because of
his ability to make big plays in big games. First, the touchdown
against Louisville to win the game and another against LSU.

3. I really like Mark Richt and Saturday was another example of why.
After his team survived against Vandy, the Bulldogs celebrated by
jumping up and down on the “V” at midfield. Richt was angry and tossed
his players around to make them stop. Class act.

4. But
Georgia really should be looking at seven straight losses to SEC East
teams. Cassen Jackson-Garrison’s fumble at the Georgia seven with 2:43
to play was the story of the game. And the fact that Vandy was able to
generate so muck offense against the Dogs is not a good sign for the
rest of the season.

5. Butch Davis blew it. After making key
adjustments at the half against South Carolina and realizing this isn’t
the old Ball Coach anymore, North Carolina stuffed the run limiting
South Carolina to 51 rushing yards and two first downs in the second
half. But Davis sent his field goal team out there down 21-9 before
realizing what the score was. He used a time-out he desperately needed
at the end of the game.

6. Ole Miss fans littered the field
with empty whiskey bottles and even a pair of red high heels after the
reversal of a call that could have given Ole Miss a win or overtime.
Nick Saban called the fans “classless.” He’s right but what would Saban
know about class?

7. Auburn has now won 14 of its last 15 SEC road games. Next up ” at LSU. At night. Should be a beauty.

8. For those people who thought Tennessee’s defense was back after
stifling Georgia, the Vols were in a fight with a Mississippi State
team that has no offense. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ”
if Florida wins out, the Gators will be in Atlanta. Tennessee will lose
an SEC game.

9. On the other hand, Florida’s job didn’t
get any easier. Kentucky will be jacked up for the Gators after the
biggest win in school history.

10. You can argue about whether
the SEC is the best conference, but Saturday was proof that there isn’t
a better conference when it comes to entertainment.