SEC Insider: Southern discomfort


What a mess.

Not Florida’s offense in the first half or its last drive Saturday night although it was. I’m talking about the SEC race.

Five weeks into the season, it couldn’t be more wide open.

And it could get even more scrambled this week.

I’ll say this ” if LSU gets past Florida, it’s going to be difficult for anybody to catch the Tigers, especially because realistically there are only two teams ” Alabama and Auburn ” that have a chance. Auburn has to avoid the post-Gainesville hangover when the Tigers play host to Vandy to stay relevant in the West.

But it’s LSU’s division to lose. They were not impressive in the first half against a bad Tulane team and may have been looking ahead to the Florida game. But the Tigers pulled away and cruised.

The East is another story.

Kentucky is the only team that has yet to lose a conference game. Of course, The Wildcats have only played one conference game. The other five teams all have one loss. Florida-LSU is big but Kentucky-South Carolina on Thursday night actually has a bigger impact on the East race.

Lot of ball to play. Only 14 of the 48 SEC games are in the books. There is no telling who we’ll see in Atlanta.

And one final thought for Gator fans.

A friend of mine refers to this season as a mulligan. I think he has his metaphors mixed up but the theory is that Florida wasn’t supposed to do what it did last year and should be really good next year so whatever happens this year, happens. The Tennessee game changed the perception of this team, but now it’s time to re-tee.