Blame it on Auburn


Because his team has lost to South Florida and Mississippi State this year, it appears Tommy Tuberville is in trouble again.

We knew he was in trouble because he lost to Mississippi State. Half of the four SEC teams Sylvester Croom has beaten fired their coach later that year. Talk about a coach-killer.

But it’s hard for me to believe that anybody could think about dumping Tuberville. Because what is happening to Auburn this year is Auburn’s fault.

Some of it is injuries, some of it is a lack of playmakers. But in the end, it goes back to the lost recruiting class that was not Tuberville’s fault.

We all remember the embarrassing incident when Auburn officials jumped on booster Bobby Lowder’s plane to go talk to Louisville coach Bobby Petrino only to be discovered by writer Pat Forde.

Well, the recruiting class after that fiasco was not ranked in the top 20. There were 29 players in the class and only six of them are on the Auburn two-deep heading into the game against Florida.

That class represents your true seniors and redshirt juniors.

You blew it, Aubie.

Don’t blame Tuberville for this mess. At least not entirely.

Because I could have coached the Tigers to a win over MSU.