Inside The SEC: Myths debunked


It’s a different SEC this season. On Saturday, several myths were debunked on the fields of the league which leads to more questions.
1. Kentucky always blows big games.
Well, the Wildcats used to always find a way to blow it. But that’s two in a row won late by Rich Brooks and this one was more impressive because the win over Arkansas came on the road. Can Kentucky win the East? Right now, it certainly seems possible.
2. If you can’t stop the run, you can’t win.
Arkansas rushed for over 300 yards against Kentucky and still lost. Nobody has two tailbacks like Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, yet Arkansas has lost two straight when those guys were on fire. Is it possible to win the Heisman on a 7 -5 team?
3. Nick Saban will never lose a game.
This was only a myth shared by Tide fans. The truth is that Saban was fortunate to win last week. But it is clear he has this team believing in itself. Can the Tide rebound from an overtime loss to Georgia and be ready for Florida State? Stay tuned.
4. Matthews Stafford can’t make the big play.
The Georgia quarterback is erratic and showed that again against Alabama. But he made huge throws to get the Bulldogs up 10 and nearly pulled it off in regulation. And that was a great call by Mike Bobo in overtime to go deep on the first play. But can the Dogs show some real consistency?
5. Florida can’t win in Mississippi.
The Gators made it look easy at times but in the end it looked a lot like the games Florida played last year when they couldn’t put teams away but almost always had enough to hang on. One reason for UF’s struggles in the Magnolia State ” it’s a long bus ride to everywhere. Now, can the Gators stay focused for Auburn with LSU on the road in two weeks?
6. Blake Mitchell is Steve Spurrier’s kind of quarterback.
We thought so, but the love-hate relationship took another turn on Saturday when Mitchell found himself on the bench (again) and Spurrier turned to Chris Smelley. Smelley has a cannon arm and it looks like he’ll get a shot next week against Mississippi State. But can the Gamecocks shake off the disappointment of being taken down a peg?
7. Ole Miss has no players.
That’s what I thought, but seeing the Rebels in person I can tell you it’s not true. There are some athletes on that team and Ole Miss will beat somebody it’s not supposed to this year. Will that be Georgia, still giddy after beating Alabama, this week in Athens? Doubtful. But possible.