A sign of things to come?


It’s more truth than myth ” you know a lot more about the Florida football team after the annual Tennessee game.

There have been rare occasions since the two teams started to play on a regular basis in 1990 when that hasn’t been the case.

I would say 1997 was probably one case when it didn’t happen. That Florida team looked as if it was picking up where the national champs left off after handling the Vols, but suffered two major meltdowns the rest of the way.

For the most part, this game has been an indication of what Gator fans can expect the rest of the season.

I don’t think there is any question that will be the case this year.

Win or lose.

You will know sometime late Saturday evening whether this truly is one of the best offenses Florida has had and certainly the best under Urban Meyer. I know the challenge at LSU is still the measuring stick, but if the Gators are able to put up big numbers in a big game like this, it will be an indication of what is to come.

Ditto the defense.

If the Gators show that they’re not as bad as some of us think defensively, it will be a sign that these guys won’t have to rely only on offense to win. If it turns into a shootout, you’ll know that this is going to be the way it is throughout the SEC schedule.

That’s what Florida-Tennessee does. The old saying is that adversity reveals character. I believe that early big games reveal what kind of team you’re going to be.