Beyond the SEC boxscores: LSU is looking good


LSU carried the SEC banner proudly Saturday night by thrashing Virginia Tech, but the conference didn’t have a good weekend.

Auburn’s loss to South Florida was not a stunner because the Bulls were a trendy upset pick. But the way Auburn lost left us with a lot of questions after two dizzying weeks of college football.

For example:

What’s the deal with quarterback Brandon Cox?

A lot of people thought he was ready to have a big season. He struggled in the opener but rallied his team to a win. Against South Florida, Cox was awful. Two interceptions.

Auburn’s offense looks awful.

Is LSU better than USC?

You can make that argument. The demolition of the Hokies was complete and dominant. I think Tech was overrated, but LSU looks really good. The reason the issue is being brought up is because Southern Cal has played one game against Idaho. There’s plenty of time and one big game to settle who is No. 1.

Is it time for us to take Alabama seriously?

Well, it was Vanderbilt that Alabama took care of easily. But the Tide has been solid in the first two weeks. Terry Grant has turned into a big-time back and the defense is typical of a Nick Saban team. I will say this ” Alabama is better than I thought it would be.

Can South Carolina win the East?

I know Georgia can’t. To lose at home in the SEC opener is a killer. Certainly, Steve Spurrier has made a difference in Columbia, but the Gamecocks won this one with defense. It was the first time in six years Georgia didn’t score a touchdown.

But can you answer the question?

Oh, right. The answer is yes. Florida still has questions. Tennessee has more than its share. We still aren’t sure about Kentucky. South Carolina has the best SEC win this year as we speak.

And Spurrier still has Georgia’s number. As he left the field at halftime Saturday night, the Head Ball Coach was booed by Georgia fans. He waved to them.

“I didn’t know I was so important to them,” he said.

I talked to Spurrier on Sunday and, contrary to what some people believe, he said South Carolina’s biggest rival is Georgia, not Florida.

“It should be that way,” he said. “They’re in the next state.”