Hum-drum gameday


There is buzz and there is buzz, and this game’s buzz is so low you need a hearing aid to make sure it’s there.

This game has all the buzz of a Vanilla Ice concert.

It shouldn’t be that way with a dangerous Troy team in town, but it always seems to be the case except when Miami sneaks into that second-game spot. The first game is a family reunion and the third game is Tennessee, so the sandwich second game usually is the least attended of the season.

But that doesn’t mean there was no trash-talking before this game.

An hour before kickoff, four Troy fans wearing Omar Haugabook’s No. 17 walked past a group of Gator tailgaters.

“We got this one! We got this one!” they said. “Ya’ll take your Tylenol now because you’re going to need it.”

Once inside the stadium, however, the buzz was there.