Can the AAFL thrive?


Team Florida was introduced at a news conference Wednesday and the new
All-American Football League team has star power. It was like a Who’s
Who of Gator greats, was really well organized and impressive.

I kept getting the same question from those who are involved in the new spring football league, “What do you think?”

I think I’ve seen them all. I covered the World Football League and the United States Football League. Both failed because of money issues. The WFL didn’t have any money and the USFL followed the money.

The owners of that spring league became lapdogs for Donald Trump hoping to get into business with him in other areas. As a result, they turned a league that offered an excellent product into a mess, moving to the fall and eventually folding.

I could go on about the USFL, two of the best years of my life, but this is about the AAFL. The plan is to let the league run the teams, pay everyone the same and make the teams somewhat regional.

It’s a great plan because it keeps owners out of the mix.

What do I think?

I think the Gainesville team has every reason to be successful. Smart men are in charge and we know how the Gator Nation loves its former heroes. But I also think that one team does not drive a league. If every other franchise had it together as much as Team Florida, this would be a league of promise.

Maybe that will happen. I hope so. I’m a big fan of spring football.

But I know this ” it has no chance without a television deal.