Tailgating revisited


It has been a long time since I tailgated before a Gator game, but today I decided the long wait was over. Minus, of course, any alcoholic beverages.

Rather than get to the press box ridiculously early and sit around telling stories with other hacks, I decided to hang out with my wife and other family members and friends and indulge in a different menu. And it was a beauty.

Barbecued turkey, fresh fruit, chicken wings, egg and sausage casserole.

Sure, it was hot and I sweated a lot more than I would have in the air-conditioned press box. But it was a lot more fun. For the first time in a long time, I was tempted to actually sit in the stands and be a part of the entire Gator experience.

Alas, work prevailed.

At least by waiting until just before the game to go up, I was able to witness one of those scenes that you only see at football games and rock concerts ” some guy bent at the waist throwing up on a plant. Dude, it’s only 12:15.