Basketball’s Ring of Honor


The “other” Ring of Honor is going to grow drastically soon.

Billy Donovan’s ring is in the basketball practice facility on the walls of the practice court.

He has had large banners hung to honor players who have had successful careers and graduated from Florida.

They are not in the O’Connell Center because there are so many Gator teams that share that space that if you hung banners for every special gymnast, volleyball star, swimmer and women’s basketball player it would get crowded in a hurry.

There are seven banners at the UF practice facility hanging on the west wall ” Brent Wright, David Lee, Matt Bonner, Adrian Moss, Justin Hamilton, Brett Nelson and Udonis Haslem.

There will soon be six more.

Donovan said Thursday the Oh-Fours ” Taurean Green, Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Corey Brewer ” along with outgoing seniors Chris Richard and Lee Humphrey will have banners put up in their honor.

“Those guys won two national championships and were all on target to graduate,” Donovan said. “They deserve it.”