You can count on Tiger


There is only one dominant golfer in the world. Tiger Woods is also the best to ever play the game.

We don’t need to wait until he passes Jack Nicklaus’ 18 majors to declare Woods as the best to ever stick a tee in the ground.

Here’s why …

When Tiger is playing well ” not great, but well ” nobody else has a chance. He may tease you the way he did on Sunday when his lead dropped to a stroke, but in the end you know what is going to happen.

The only way he doesn’t win majors is when he’s not playing well. And even then, he’s dangerous.

But when he’s got it going, the rest of the field has a little more of a chance than I do.

It’s funny because when one of my heroes (Henry Aaron) was passed last week, it made me ill. But when Tiger flies by Nicklaus, I’ll stand and applaud. I’m not a Tiger guy only because too often he has taken the drama out of a sport filled with so many twists and turns. But I admire what he has done and what he certainly will do in the future.

What’s the over-under on majors for Tiger?

I’ll put it at 24. That in itself is mind-boggling. And I’d bet the over.