Most influential Gators


In Friday’s Gainesville Sun sports section you can see who I have
selected as the 10 Most Influential Gators in the first 100 years of
Florida football.

It’s a project I started thinking about last summer and never got
around to doing. The Birmingham News ran a list of its 25 most
influential in SEC history last month and it jogged my memory to go
back and finish this idea.

Picking 10 meant leaving some out and
I’m sure you have some ideas on who should be in there. I’ll tell you
that Otis Boggs, who brought Gator games to so many people back when
radio was relevant, was my last cut.

You also may be surprised
at a couple of the names I selected and I’m looking forward to your
feedback concerning this list. Should Danny Wuerffel have made the
list? Urban Meyer has been at UF for two years but already has started
so many traditions and put Florida back on top of the mountain. What
about Ray Graves, Emmitt Smith, Marshall Criser, Jack Hairston, Ben
Hill Griffin?

And who the heck is Austin Miller?

in The Sun you’ll get the top 10 and also online you’ll be able to see
the elite group. I’m waiting for your opinions. You can vote in the
poll at as well as post your comments below.