No. 3?


Boy that seems a little high for Florida’s football team to be ranked in the first coaches’ poll that came out on Friday.

But when nine coaches vote Florida No. 1, it skews the balloting a bit. I’m going to assume that there were nine coaches who thought, “Hey, they’re the champs until somebody beats them.”

Obviously, with all the defensive personnel Florida lost, a ranking that high is surprising. Then you add in the fact that four of the teams in the coaches’ top 15 are on Florida’s schedule.

Now I know that Urban Meyer is being sincere when he says he couldn’t care less about where his team is ranked in the preseason. But it doesn’t help him with one of the issues he has to deal with when practice begins Sunday.

There is a sense of entitlement on the 2007 team. There are players walking around with rings who, as Meyer has said, were wearing baseball caps during the national title game.

Now this, a No. 3 ranking. Meyer has to shake the giddiness out of these guys. Two-a-days usually will help.

The good news – Meyer has made Florida relevant again. Think Alabama fans would love a No. 3 ranking in any poll?