Harvey will wear target


Obviously, I’m in the minority.

More than half of those voting for the preseason All-SEC team picked
Florida defensive end Derrick Harvey for the first team. He’s on there
along with Glenn Dorsey of LSU and Quentin Groves of Auburn.

He wasn’t on my ballot and I guess I need to explain my reasoning.

First, the SEC limits us to three defensive line selections. This goes
back to a time when the conference was so loaded with quality linebackers,
SEC officials thought too many were being excluded.

The truth is that this is a league of defensive linemen now.

But the bottom line on me not selecting Harvey was that a year ago he had
tremendous players on the line. Nobody looked at Harvey and said, “That’s
the guy we have to stop.” � Not with Jarvis Moss on the other side and Ray
McDonald switching between tackle and end and Steven Harris and for awhile
Marcus Thomas.

This year, he’s the guy. And the rest of his linemates are unproven.

I think Harvey will play hard and have a nice year. I just don’t think
he’s going to consistently beat double teams.

The reality is that preseason doesn’t mean anything but it gives you
something to talk about.