SEC ballot, Phase Two


The official Pat Dooley preseason All-SEC ballot is in. It’s level of importance lies somewhere between a used Kleenex and the Magna Carta.


  • Tight end: Jacob Tamme, Kentucky
  • Offensive line: Andre Smith, Alabama
  • Offensive line: Will Arnold, LSU
  • Offensive line: Eric Young, Tennessee
  • Offensive line: Phil Trautwein, Florida
  • Offensive line: Antoine Caldwell, Alabama
  • Wide receiver: Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt
  • Wide receiver: Percy Harvin, Florida
  • Quarterback: Tim Tebow, Florida
  • Running back: Darren McFadden, Arkansas
  • Running back: LaMarcus Coker, Tennessee
  • Place-kicker: Ryan Soccup, South Carolina
  • Return specialist: Brandon James, Florida


  • Defensive line: Glenn Dorsey, LSU
  • Defensive line: Quentin Groves, Auburn
  • Defensive line: Antwain Robinson, Arkansas
  • Linebacker: Jasper Brinkley, South Carolina
  • Linebacker: Jonathan Goff, Vanderbilt
  • Linebacker: Wesley Woodyard, Kentucky
  • Linebacker: Ali Highsmith, LSU
  • Defensive back: Chevis Jackson, LSU
  • Defensive back: Tony Joiner, Florida
  • Defensive back: Jonathan Hefney, Tennessee
  • Defensive back: Derek Pegues, Mississippi State
  • Punter: Britton Colquitt, Tennessee

Yep, Tebow. I have a feeling about the guy. This is his kind of offense and he has the tools and the weapons to have a huge year. If Florida wins the East as I have predicted, Tebow will be the All-SEC quarterback