SEC ballot, Phase One


I’ll get to the preseason All-SEC teams later in the week, but the easy thing to do (no research required) is to pick the order of finish on my official SEC ballot here at Media Days.

Both divisions are difficult to predict. The most important factor is usually SEC road games and it is playing a major role in my thinking this season. So here is my ballot with conference road games in parentheses.

1. Florida (Mississippi, LSU, Kentucky, South Carolina)
2. Georgia (Alabama, Tennessee, Vanderbilt)
3. Tennessee (Florida, Mississippi State, Alabama, Kentucky)
4. South Carolina (Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, Arkansas)
5. Kentucky (Arkansas, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Georgia)
6. Vanderbilt (Auburn, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee)

1. LSU (Mississippi State, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi)
2. Alabama (Vanderbilt, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Auburn)
3. Auburn (Florida, Arkansas, LSU, Georgia)
4. Arkansas (Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, LSU)
5. Mississippi (Vanderbilt, Georgia, Auburn, Mississippi State)
6. Mississippi State (Aubrun, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas)