Something in common with Tiger


I’m feeling a real kinship with Tiger Woods this week.

You know, we both have sculpted bodies, perfect golf swings and 12 majors.

OK, well, we both have daughters.

As Ben Folds sang:

“I know
That I am,
I am, I am
The luckiest.”

Tiger thinks he knows that right now but what he doesn’t know is that he is experiencing a debilitating love that is only going to grow stronger.
Just like his golf game.

Some think that it’s going to hurt Tiger’s quest to overtake Jack Nicklaus because he’s now a father. That’s baloney. Uh, Nicklaus won all 18 of his majors after becoming a father.

Tiger will feel a new sense of wonderment and enthusiasm that will only make him better.

I know I’m a lot better person and I truly believe a better writer since Kelsey came along six years ago and have been inspired by my daughter Jennifer for 25 years.

Tiger has no idea what’s coming.

He shouldn’t worry about how fatherhood will affect his golf.

He should be worried about how golf will affect being a father.