Tiger disses island hole


Listening to some of the sports talk radio shows in Jacksonville, you’d have thought someone called Lynyrd Skynyrd overrated. There’s a lot of anger being directed towards Tiger Woods because on Tuesday he said the famous 17th hole was “gimmicky” and said it shouldn’t be the 71st hole in a championship.

Of course the 17th hole is gimmicky. So are American Idol and throwback jerseys. We love gimmicky things. And we love the 17th hole.

Why else do people rush to get position on the banks across the water as soon as the gates open each day? It’s a unique hole for such a big tournament, the signature hole at Sawgrass and perhaps the most recognizeable hole in golf.

Tiger doesn’t like it. As a golfer, I understand his point. But he picked a strange time to criticize a hole where he has had so many special moments. The Players Championship is pushing to be a major. Tiger stabbed the efforts in the back.