NFL Draft Day


NFL Draft Day used to be one of the biggest days in my life when I covered the NFL. This was before ESPN super-sized it and turned it into an all day for the suckers. I’d hunker down in front of the TV with all kinds of information trying to be a so-called expert. It evolved into the 1990s when I was covering the Gators and usually spent draft day at a player’s home. Two of my favorite days were being with Mike Peterson and Reidel Anthony when they were drafted. Then, the draft just got boring. Mow the yard, paint the house, whatever. The worldwide leader managed to drag an hour of news into 12 hours of Mel Kiper’s hair. But I’ll be watching this weekend. There hasn’t been a draft this interesting for people around here in a long time. Not only will Florida regain its first-round presence, but it could be a record year for Gator draftees. I’m so pumped I even came up with a contest for you in our Draft Week special section here on the website. So I’ll be watching. With the sound down.