Checking out Atlanta


The bad thing about Florida playing so late is you have deadline issues.

The good thing is that you have the day free.

So the Dooley family went to an oxymoron of sorts ” an aquarium a long way from any ocean in a city with no rivers and few lakes.

But a big thumbs up to the Georgia Aquarium.

It was crowded but comfortable and even though there weren’t any dolphins there were some animals I had never seen before. And that’s the key to any wildlife place ” you have to surprise me.

I had never seen a whale shark in person. I had never seen a dragon fish. Now I have. I recommend it.

And we capped it off by taking the recommendation of The Gainesville Sun and heading to Six Feet Under. As the cab took us into a seedy area of town, we were concerned, but it was worth the trip. Excellent seafood and incredible service. Try the barbecued salmon with sweet relish sauce.