Unique practices at Georgia Dome


Practice is different at the Final Four.

When the practices are open at the regional sites, you get a handful of
fans watching. In New Orleans and St. Louis, you could hear every drill
barked out by coaches and every time a sneaker squeaks.
But here in Atlanta, it’s different. The stands at the Georgia Dome are
thick with fans of all four teams, plus Atlanta residents ” some of whom
don’t have tickets to the games. This is their chance to see the teams they
have been watching on television.
And the atmosphere is totally a different experience. Each team has
cheerleaders and bands around the court making quite a racket.
For a team like UCLA, the practice time at the arena on Friday was more
show than anything. The Bruins barely broke a sweat. They spent the last
8:30 of practice taking nothing but half-court shots, making a dozen or so.
Of course, they had a about 600 tries.