Who is playing the fiddle?


Who is playing the fiddle?

Not surprisingly, I think I’ve done 109 radio shows since Florida advanced to the Final Four and Billy Donovan to Kentucky rumors began to sprout like dandelions. One of the questions I get all the time centers around whether Donovan feels like he’s playing second-fiddle to football.

First of all, I don’t think Donovan plays the fiddle.

Secondly, Donovan has never indicated it bothers him. One reason for his success is that he is the first basketball coach at Florida to embrace football.

Third, and most importantly, who says he’s playing second fiddle.

Donovan makes the same amount of money as Urban Meyer. By the time both of their contracts have been renegotiated, he could be making more than the football coach. Donovan’s practice facility is nicer. His recruiting budget is whatever he wants it to be. I haven’t taken a tape measure out, but I think his office is bigger.

There’s no question that more people are more passionate about football than basketball at Florida.

But maybe Billy likes it that way.