Postseason perfection


We’ve talked often about how special this time has been for the Gator Nation. All you really need to know is this fact — Florida has won 17 straight post-season games in football and basketball.

Even during the Steve Spurrier heyday the longest streak for the two sports was five games and that came when Billy Donovan’s 2000 team went to the national title game.

It has been an amazing run. All of the 17 straight have been special, but if I had to rank them:

1. BCS national title game 2007.
2. NCAA national championship game 2006.
3. SEC Football Championship game 2006.
4. SEC basketball championship game 2006.
5. SEC basketball championship game 2007.
6. NCAA Final Four game vs. George Mason 2006.
7. NCAA regional title game vs. Villanova 2006.
8. NCAA regional semifinal game vs. Georgetown 2006.
9. SEC semifinal game vs. LSU 2006.
10. NCAA second-round game vs. UW-Milwaukee 2006.
11. SEC second-round game vs. Arkansas 2006.
12. NCAA second round game vs. Purdue 2007.
13. SEC semifinal game vs. Mississippi 2007.
14. Outback Bowl 2006.
15. NCAA 2007 first-round game vs. Jackson State.
16. NCAA 2006 first-round game vs. South Alabama.
17. SEC 2007 second-round game vs. Georgia.

Listing them makes it an even more impressive run. I’m sure your rankings are different but the components are the same.