Meet me in St. Louis


My only trip to St. Louis was a quick one for the Bucs-Rams NFC championship game back when the Bucs were actually a competitive football team. So on Thursday, I decided to take a walk through downtown to see what the city has to offer.

Our media hotel is three blocks from the Edward Jones Dome, five blocks from Busch Stadium and seven blocks from the famous Arch. Downtown has some amazing buildings, but also a plethora of construction.

Busch Stadium is impressive with 10 statues in front (Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith, etc.) and a large one of Stan Musial. The area around the stadium is dicey. A lot of garbage and empty beer cans in one area.

One thing about St. Louis is that the streets are hardly buzzing with people. On my walk Wednesday night to a sports bar, I hardly saw anybody and on Thursday it wasn’t much different.

But the best news – a couple of blocks from our hotel there is an Irish pub called, I’m not kidding, Dooley’s. The bartender was named Brian Dooley. His dad owns the joint. We talked for a bit and we think we might be related. How cool is that?