It’s a family affair


I think she’s crazy.

But she was right.

At halftime of
Florida’s semifinal win, my wife packed my daughter in the car and
headed for Atlanta, figuring that if Mississippi rallied she could turn
around north of Lake City. That wasn’t necessary. So she rolled into
town at 10 p.m. Saturday to watch the Gators play on Sunday.

says a lot about what this team means to so many people that she would
make the drive. Karen and Kelsey also got up Sunday morning and made a
poster with a huge picture of Joakim Noah and the words “Joakim Noah,
You Are Beautiful.” This was in response to Georgia fans chanting
“Ugly” at Noah on Friday night.

Noah’s family loved the sign and had their pictures taken with Kelsey.

In the end, it was worth it. They got to see Florida win another SEC title and cut down some more nets.

Me, I remain an unbiased, objective journalist.

They get to have all the fun.