SEC All-stars vs. Gators?


Think CBS was rooting for Florida today?

This was hardly the semifinal they were looking for today. And an ole Miss-Mississippi State final? The ratings would be somewhere below re-runs of “The Tony Danza Show.”

On the ride home from the Georgia Dome Friday night, someone mentioned that they didn’t know if an all-star team made up of the other 11 SEC squads could beat Florida. I had to remind him that Florida lost three times in the conference.

But if I was making up that team it would be:

Chris Lofton, Tennessee ” need a 3-point guy and Lofton’s the best.

Ronald Steele, Alabama ” with the caveat that he is completely healthy. Gotta have someone to run the show.

Tasmin Mitchell, LSU ” have to have someone who can come close to matching up with Corey Brewer, and he’s the closest.

Charles Thomas, Arkansas ” to lean on Al Horford and force him to play defense outside.

Steven Hill, Arkansas ” for inside defense.

And then I’m bringing Derrick Byars, Glen Davis, Bam Doyne and Jamont Gordon off the bench. I like my chances.

The whole point is that there is nobody from Kentucky I’d want to go into this game. That’s sad.