Looking back on day one


Like it often is, the first day of the SEC Tournament had some dog games,
but the day was rescued by the fascinating theatre of a game that went past

LSU-Tennessee was a gem not just because it went to overtime but because
you had the perfect triangle for drama.

John Brady, Bruce Pearl and virtual reality glasses Ted Valentine.

Brady and Pearl did not let us down with their theatrics and Valentine,
one of the league’s top officials, was at his “it’s about me” best.

After the game, Pearl and Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton were
steamed because Brady, apparently thinking that Tennessee had already made
its appearance at the podium, was rambling on and on as he tends to do. It
was late, the Vols wanted to go home, all the way to Knoxville.

Friday is already off to a good start. Kentucky fans are at their throaty
best. Mississippi State’s Dietric Slater has already been doubled up in
pain on the floor and flipped over a Kentucky player. And he came into the
game with all kinds of injuries. But he’s still playing.

Interesting note: Every Mississippi State player on the floor is wearing
different looking shoes. Are they all working on different shoe deals?