Texas A&M halts Florida’s streak, wins Gatehouse Media Group’s SEC All-Sports Award

The SEC All-Sports award presented by GateHouse Media won by Texas A&M. [File]

The Texas A&M athletic program didn’t have a lot of SEC titles to celebrate during the 2018-19 academic year.

But today, the Aggies can celebrate a big one.

A&M, which only won a single SEC title in women’s swimming and diving, used consistency and a down year for Florida to end the Gators run of 12 consecutive Gatehouse Media Group All-Sports Awards.

The margin of victory was the slimmest since equestrian was added six years ago and the formula was changed. A&M’s total of .66176 (to UF’s .65385) was also the lowest winning total during that stretch.

Florida won four SEC titles in the academic year in men’s indoor track, men’s tennis, men’s swimming and gymnastics, but didn’t get the usual boosts from baseball and softball and had poor showings in men’s golf and women’s basketball.

A&M, which joined the SEC in 2012, finished first in the men’s standings and third in the women’s standings. Florida finished second in both the men’s and women’s. Tennessee was the women’s champion.

GateHouse Media Group, which owns the Gainesville Sun as well as many other newspapers in the SEC footprint, will award the trophy for the fifth consecutive year.

The Halifax Media Group awarded the 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 trophies. The New York Times Regional Newspaper Group gave the awards from the 1994-95 through 2010-11 seasons.

Prior to that, the league tabulated the SEC All-Sports totals before deciding to do away with what was then called the Bernie Moore Trophy, partly because of Florida’s dominance.

The award started in 1973-74 and was spread among five schools before Florida started rolling. LSU won six titles including four in a row, Alabama won five and Tennessee four.

But Florida won three in a row by wide margins and the Bernie Moore Trophy was discontinued by the league.

Points are awarded based on the number of competing teams in a sport. A program’s points total is divided by the total number of teams competing in the sports the school fields and that quotient ranks the teams in the final GateHouse Media standings. The sports of cross country, indoor and outdoor track & field are combined.

The last school to win the award other than Florida was Georgia in 2005-06.

Gatehouse Media Group All-Sports Award

School              Avg.

Texas A&M      0.66176

Florida             0.65385

Tennessee       0.65000

Georgia           0.59906

Kentucky         0.58615

LSU                 0.56010

Arkansas         0.53788

S. Carolina      0.52696

Ole Miss          0.48034

Alabama          0.47356

Vanderbilt        0.47351

Auburn            0.46226

Miss. St.          0.45506

Missouri           0.42564


  1. I wonder how many of the Jeremy Foley bashers will get on here now. One thing that was almost always a sure thing was UF winning this trophy when he was the AD. Will be interesting to see if the other schools start consistently challenging UF for the all sports program now that money flows so freely.

    • First on, so here goes…I’m hope this “award” gave you and others a warm and fuzzy feeling while the football program was in various states of disarray between 2002-2017, except for 2006-2009. These “awards” do not mask the mismanagement of the football program that was the result of decisions: (1) to hire Zook, (2) to not re-hire Spurrier in 2005, (3) to stand by and allow the program to become broken under Urban Meyer, (4) to hire Muschamp, and (5) to hire McElwain.

      Oh by the way, why is this “award” announced prior to the conclusion of the SEC Baseball Tournament?

    • The Boston Bean Brain will always be stained by his total mismanagement of the football program, hiring chubby losers, neglecting our facilities and destroying what had been one of the strongest and most loyal fan bases in all college football with his arrogant attitude.

      The fact he was up there in a skybox dancing and clapping with pride as Uncle Yellowteeth delivered one of the worst coaching performances in UF history, betraying the players in the process, will be the lasting image of everything he was and ever will be. No doubt as he hovered there above the half-empty stadium nibbling on endame and sipping Perrier he was thinking, “Behold! Only Bean Brain could have brought this program down! But don’t forget, we have an awesome badminton team!”

      • What a complete disregard for the majority of the student athletes that compete for the University of Florida! I for one wouldn’t swap places with Alabama. Let football be king and to hell with all the other sports. I’ll take cheering for those badminton teams and caring about doing things by the rules. Go Gators!! (All Gators)

  2. Women’s basketball is the bane of our sports program. They are the only consistent losers among all of the teams, going 3-13 in conference and 8-23 overall. Carol Ross (1990 – 2002) has the most success, going 247-121 and 84-62 in SEC play, including 9 NCAA appearances and an Elite Eight finish with a final AP rank at #7.

    Carolyn Peck was the epitome of inconsistency, having two out of five winnings seasons, and bottoming out in Year 5 with a 2-12 SEC record and 9-22 overall, 24-46 in her career vs SEC teams.

    Amanda Butler was 190-136 overall but only 71-84 in conference, reached no higher than 4th in the SEC standings (twice) and finished ranked only once at #22, and that was her 2nd season of her 10-year career.

    And now we have Cameron Newbauer. Season two was a repeat of Season one, both 3-13 and 11-19 records.

    It is a mystery to me why women’s basketball can’t have similar success as the other ladies’ programs.

    I am not dumping all the blame on them. But what the writer characterized as “not getting a boost from baseball and softball,” baseball is 10 games over .500 and still playing and softball is currently 47-15 and won their regional without giving up a run in the three games. These teams’ down part was in SEC play.

    Oh well, we’ll take it back next year. Go Gators!

  3. Congrats to A&M! You have been an awesome addition to the greatest conference in America! Competition is good. Steel sharpening steel! Nothing to be ashamed of for our teams finishing second– but we’ll get it back next year!

    SEC! SEC!!

    • Great post Jaws…thank you! I won’t completely defend the “Boston Bean Brain”, but one could certainly make the argument that both Spurrier and Meyer left with the cupboard less than full. Blame facilities if you wish, but I believe it was more than that in both cases. And is the non-millennial fan base not still strong (especially in light of recent inconsistent results)? Virtually every program in America is facing the same dilemma. Also, I am NOT defending Muschamp or, especially Mac, just saying. And Phil, thanks for the insight on less glorious UF sports programs that are seldom mentioned.

  4. Oh the what ifs. What if Foley had hired the chubby Kirby Smart as our head coach instead of Muschamp? Both highly thought of Saban defensive assistants.GA seems to think they have the 2nd coming of Saban after watching Kirby recruit at an extremely high level. Of course when we hired Zook he recruited at a high level, but couldn’t seem to catch a break on the field. Hindsight is normally easier to critique with though.

  5. T A&M is going to be a juggernaut. They and Texas essentially control that state. Now that they are in the SEC, they no longer play second fiddle to Texas. Texas has the population and the athlete base to out compete any other state except California and Florida. Floridians are not committed to any 1 or 2 in-state schools and are just as likely to leave the state if the opportunity presents itself. Texas has a more “pride” in state way about it, much like other southern states. Florida has very little of that and none of it in the population centers. If Texas and A&M get their coaching worked out, they should dominate College sports fully. Coaching has been their problem. Money can solve many problems but it can’t guarantee you’ll hire the best coach.

    • David Smith, great insight on Texas. I was born and raised in Florida, UF graduate and spent the majority of my life in the state. However, my business career had me living in a number of states over the years, including Texas, where I lived for about 5 years. There is a culture there that is different, with an inherent pride in being a “Texan”. As our friends Gator-6 and AustinGator can attest, kids there grow up in a culture that has them referring to Texas as a “republic” of it’s own and not a state, and a goal of playing sports (any sport) for either UT or TA&M. If one could define a culture in Florida, it would be a confluence of people from all over the country as well as other nations, a great thing, but different from Texas in how it views itself .I think that is one reason, in my view anyway, that schools in the BIG10 and others have so much success recruiting in Florida. Even southern neighbors like Clemson and ‘Bama have strong recruiting bases in Florida, as you have pointed out in your post. I enjoyed my years living in the Dallas area, but always defined myself as a Florida cracker, even now living in North Carolina ( with many other Gators based on the license plates I see!). Thank God for the SEC Network, even if it has made me throw things at my TV at times when my beloved Gators are figuring out how to score points (you pick the sport).