NCAA College World Series bracket


At TD Ameritrade Park Omaha
Omaha, Neb.
All Times EDT
(Double Elimination)
Saturday scores

North Carolina 8, Oregon State 6

Mississippi State 1, Washington 0


Arkansas 11, Texas 5

Texas Tech 6, Florida 3


Oregon State 14, Washington 5, Washington eliminated

North Carolina vs. Mississippi State, ppd., weather


Mississippi State 12, North Carolina 2

Florida 6, Texas 1, Texas eliminated

Arkansas vs. Texas Tech, ppd., weather


Arkansas 7, Texas Tech 4

Oregon State 11, North Carolina 6, North Carolina eliminated


Florida 9, Texas Tech 6, Texas Tech eliminated


Oregon State 12, Mississippi State 2

Arkansas 5, Florida 2, Florida eliminated


Oregon State 5, Mississippi State 2, MSU eliminated

Championship Series

Monday: Rained out

Tuesday: Arkansas 4, Oregon State 1

Wednesday: Oregon State 5, Arkansas 3, series tied 1-1

Thursday: Oregon State 5, Arkansas 0, Oregon State national champions


  1. It does not seem to be seed related, the brackets but conference and geography. Both PAC 10 teams in one bracket. But why Washingon vs Mississippi State? No sense! The other bracket is the Big Eight, i.e. The State of Texas, versus the SEC. This set up is hoped to provide a better chance of teams from different regions to make the finals. At least we are in a different bracket than Mississippi State. Go Gators!

  2. The bracket is very much seed related. The problem is that so many of those top 8 or top 16 seeds are missing. If we had a chalk bracket, it would be:

    Top Half
    1. Florida vs. 8. Georgia
    4. Ole Miss vs. 5. Arkansas

    Bottom Half
    2. Stanford vs. 7 Florida St.
    3. Oregon St. vs. 6. UNC

    Don’t know about you all but I prefer the bracket as it is, rather than what it could have been. An All-SEC top half to get to the title game. NO thank you.

  3. If you look at the regional brackets, it does appear that the match-ups are based on seeding. If the national seeding had held, as it did with softball, Texas Tech at 9, Texas at 13, and unseeded MSU and UW would all be out of the tournament now. If the seeding had held, No. 5 Arkansas would be facing No. 4 Ole Miss, and No. 1 Florida would be facing whoever the 8 seed was, UGA, I think. But because of upsets, Arkansas gets to face the 13 seed, while UF has to face the 9 seed. It’s the same way in March Madness. The No. 1 overall seed may end up facing a tougher path due to upsets allowing lower seeds to face lesser competition.

  4. I don’t know what to think about this CWS until Kevin Patrick chimes in. Mr. Patrick:
    -How are you feeling about the Sunday game with Texas Tech?
    -How many runs will the Gators need to score to win?