Dooley Noted: The Gators’ incredible NFL Draft … 40 years ago


Pat talks about Florida’s 10-player draft in 1978, plus this year’s draft, the baseball and softball programs, and more.

Podcast breakdown:

00:10 Thoughts on Percy Harvin

05:17 Baseball is in the stretch of SEC play.

12:00 UF softball is looking strong in SEC

14:40 An update on UF golf

16:53 Gators in the NFL Draft

20:00 What’s the Daily Football Fix?

21:15 Gators in the 1978 NFL Draft.

26:35 Three Things.


  1. I like the podcast. I listen to it sometimes poolside during lunch while enjoying a beverage of choice. I also like having an all sports championship competition. Kudos to Florida’s athletes for their conference and national competitiveness and the G-Sun for keeping it alive. It’s great to hear a diverse spectrum of topics focused around Florida! By golly, Uncle Pat, I think you’ve found your niche.