UF football notebook: Schemes TBD

The Florida Gators take the field and have Spring Practice with new head coach Dan Mullen, at the Sanders Practice Fields on the UF campus in Gainesville. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

By Robbie Andreu
Staff writer

The Gators have been installing parts of the offense and defense throughout the spring. But the actual schemes will not be developed until the coaches have a better idea what their players do best.

“The scheme will come,” UF coach Dan Mullen said. “We’re doing a lot of different random things and maybe not everything ties together right now.

“We’re going to get to see what guys can do. Now we come back to it as coaches and say, ‘OK, this is what our guys can do, this is what they handle, this is where we’re pretty good. Now let’s build around their strengths and put the package together both offensively and defensively.’

“We’re putting guys in the best position to be successful instead of trying to teach them everything.”

Injury update

Other than a shoulder injury sustained by redshirt freshman linebacker Lacedrick Brunson, the Gators came out of Saturday’s scrimmage healthy.

“Brunson has got a banged-up shoulder,” Mullen said. “He could finish spring or not. I’m going to see how that goes. We’re going to get an MRI done to see if he needs some work done. Everybody else should be good to go (for Saturday’s game).”

Sophomore running back Adarius Lemons turned his ankle in the scrimmage, but he’s fine, Mullen said.

“Just a mild ankle sprain,” he said. “I don’t expect him to be out.”


  1. “These fools know nothing and will fail! I designed a scheme for my dog and then tried to force the players to fit into it, but they refused to slober all over the football and run on all four legs!” Captain Yellowteeth as he tells Michigan’s receivers that any route over one yard deep is a waste of time while also emphasizing his belief that receivers don’t have to be able to block.

      • It would be, Gator-6, if Mullen wasn’t also the architect of an MSU passing game that produced fewer yards per game than the Gators in 2017. Now, that is either hilarious or sad, depending on which side you’re on. I certainly hope Mullen succeeds at UF, but that fact causes me great concern.

        • I didn’t know that factoid, Joe. I can understand your angst in looking between the lines…..but on balance I do have faith in DM. At any rate, you’ve got to admit that Richard’s satire, which was aimed at Mac, was indeed funny as all get-out!

        • Joe, I guess if you’re going to cherry pick stats you could find something wrong with every team. I do know this – Mullen has been the architect over an offense that has averaged more yards, more points, more touchdowns and less turnovers than anything we’ve had the last 7 years …and in a tougher division …and with less talent. I think we’ll be ok.

          • I don’t consider that to be cherry picking any more than the facts you just gave. I certainly hope we’ll be ok, but if there’s not improvement in the passing game, we won’t be.

        • Last year, Mississippi State was ranked 46 in total offense gaining 418 yards per game, which placed them 63 places ahead of Captain Yellow Teeth. As the article suggests, Mullen used his talent and played to their strength. He felt his players were best suited to more of a run-orientated offense, and so that’s what he ran, and that’s what they needed to run.

          Also, please note that despite slightly fewer yards per game passing (166 versus 179) MSU had 17 passing touchdown to only ten for Captain Yellow Teeth, and scored 47 offensive touchdowns to only 25 for the Yellow Teeth special.

          All stats come directly from NCAA official wenbsite.

          • That’s a fair point, Richard, and 400+ yards per game would certainly be an improvement. I enjoy reading everyone’s take whether I agree or not. Thanks for the friendly debate. Go Gators!

  2. Leak did win a national championship…he was 5 stars, not tall and from Charlotte. I see bigger concerns than the ability ratings of a recruit down the road. I hope the coaches find a plethora of options in this game as we aren’t exactly fitted with a read option group of guys coming out of the gate.

    • I’m not a big Chris Leak fan, I think his only great season was his senior year championship season. Prior to that he was good but not great, threw costly turnovers in big games that we lost, and could never bring the team back from a deficit in big games as well. That’s what I remember from him.

  3. Many forget that in 2004 Chris Leak and the Gator offense under Larry Fedora had one of the best offenses in the SEC that year. Leak’s skills were as a passer and not a runner and Fedora knew that. Meyer & Mullins didn’t, He didn’t fit their style of offense, Leak & Tebow were great together, Leak couldn’t run, Tebow couldn’t throw and still can’t throw but together, they were the complete QB package.