Top UAA executive leaving for North Carolina-Charlotte post



Florida is losing another member of its ultra-successful athletic department.

Mike Hill, the executive associate athletic director for external affairs at UF, has accepted the job of athletic director at North Carolina-Charlotte.

“He did a phenomenal job at Florida,” said Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin. “We benefited from him being at Florida and Charlotte gets the benefit now. We’ll get someone good, but he won’t have the institutional experience of Mike.”

Hill had been working with the University Athletic Association for 25 years.

“It’s a perfect fit professionally and personally,” Hill said in a release. “In the end for me, it was an incredible professional experience and a wonderful opportunity personally to go back to an area that’s home. The program has a really strong foundation and a history of success. There’s a lot to build upon and cultivate and grow. The athletic facilities are outstanding, really terrific for any level you might consider in any conference.”



  1. Coach Mullen’s comments just last night said he was “glad they hadn’t started the new stand alone facility yet”. It will be built and the average fan will never walk inside of it. It’s simply a better way for the coaches and players to go about their everyday routine. Mullen said the student life center is way, way, way ahead of what others have. Lack of facilities is a small part of our problems. Poor recruiting was the number 1 problem.

  2. Mullen also said “Now the day-to-day football operations building, we are way, way, way, way behind.” Those who support the party line may lean towards not sweating it. Those who think critically and independently may lean towards believing we are way behind and need it post haste. Maybe you are right that the lack of a stand alone football facility only plays a small part in recruiting and winning. Maybe Mullen will win and bring in a top 5 recruiting class without it. Maybe the majority of Gator fans don’t care that construction has been delayed probably by a few years so that the administration can get the design right and it incorporates Mullen’s input. However, I do care. We’ve been hearing for the past few years that our facilities are way behind and that it has hurt our recruiting which leads to not winning. Have we not? I don’t want to hear that excuse for the next few years when we had it planned to be under construction by now but the new administration chose to quietly delay it with no announcement of a new timeline. I don’t know for certain how much it affects recruiting or winning but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have it sooner rather than later. As such, I will be critical of the administration for it to be expedited, not delayed.